Chose the best platform

Learn the ins and outs of performing on all the top sites. Which site is the best for you, your schedule and financial goals

Content take down services

Often your content may end up on the wrong sites. ICCS can help get your content taken offline.

Reasonable Rates

Our services are designed to help you make and keep your money. If you don't make money we don't make money. Click here to get a quote.

Live Content Talent Support Service
If you are just starting out in the online performing business it is best to know all the secrets to success. We can help you.

  1. how to get started
  2. where to get started
  3. best equipment
  4. how to protect your content
  5. what works and what doesn’t
  6. couples work
  7. set design
  8. layout
  9. lighting
  10. camera work
  11. angles
  12. props
  13. etc.

Website Consulting
This is where it all began. While many performers choose the large live streaming platforms some artists want to go old school and build their own website. This is a core business practice for us. We know what it takes to make the best site possible to be successful.

Best Bio Page
If you choose to perform on one of the large live streaming service platforms / websites there are some tricks to follow to make sure you stand out and get noticed. We can help you make the best bio page to get the best audiences and make the most money.

Chose the best platform
Every live streaming performance service / website has its pros and cons for you. It is important to choose wisely which site is best for you. We can help you match your list of “must haves” to the right site.

Content take down services
Sometimes your content is scrapped and ends up on the wrong website. We know how to make, process and send out takedown notices. We can also negotiate on your behalf with websites that do not process takedown notices to get your content removed. If you use’s DIY service we can process manual takedown’s for you for much less than the $199 charges you.

Best Rates
We offer very competitive consulting services tailored for your needs. We don’t charge services in packages. Its ala carte – whatever you need help with is what we invoice. We tell you up front what you will pay, when you pay it and how you pay for our services. No surprises. Easy to understand advice sold to you at a fair price for service.
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